Fender Electric Guitars

Our excellent selection of Fender electric guitars is well worth exploring if you are looking to expand your collection or looking to move newly into the world of electric guitars. Whether you are a beginner, hobbyist or an expert, Fender are one of the leading guitar manufacturers and will no doubt have a superb electric guitar that will suit your needs.

Fender for Beginners to Experts

One of the great things about this collection of Fender electric guitars, is that it caters for a wide range of requirements and abilities. The experts and professionals out there may well be looking for a top of the range model. But then beginners who are looking to pick up their first electric guitar will be able to find something in their price bracket too. Covering all of this, and the areas in between, the Fender range offers something for everyone within their wonderful array of high-quality instruments.

Fender Electric Guitar Models

From the Fender Telecaster to the Stratocaster, the Squier models and beyond to our special editions, this selection brings electric guitars together from the very best of Fender’s catalogue. If you like the look of some of the options within this range, but you have some questions about any of the Fender electric guitars, then do feel free to give our shop a call on 01635 378 68, and we would be glad to help!

About Fender

Beginning back in 1946 with a Californian inventor Leo Fender who improved and streamlined the hollow-body instruments of the time and eventually created an innovative solid-body guitar that could be mass produced - the Telecaster. Fender helped amplify the sounds so that smaller bands could compete with the big bands of the day and they went on to produce many other revolutionary new guitars and equipment that helped drive popular music forward over the years.

Fender focuses on research and development and strives to create high quality electric guitars that meet the needs of musicians. Offering exceptional products alongside service and stability, Fender is now an American icon for instruments, and we invite you to explore our selection both online and instore.

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