Faith Guitars

We have a wide range of beautifully crafted Faith acoustic guitars here that shows why they are world renowned. Faith Guitars is the brainchild of Patrick James Eggle. Patrick built his first guitar when he was 15, having been captivated at a young age by the instrument. The philosophy of Faith Guitars is to create instruments that are desirable both in terms of their sheer beauty and their sonic capability. This marriage of the functional and the aesthetic shines through in each one of these acoustic guitars.

Beautifully Crafted

At the heart of all Faith Guitars is a Solid Englemann Spruce which acts as the top of the guitar. These are chosen not just for their sublime look but also for their acoustic properties. The tone that this wood enables is crisp and clear. This tone is then heightened with the use of well chosen accompanying sides and back tonewoods. Depending on whether Patrick is aiming for a warmer, sweeter tone, a low end heavy tone, or something in the middle, his guitars for their backs and sides use mahogany, rosewood or trembesi.

Stunning Acoustic Sound

All the Faith Guitars models besides those in the Naked range are coated in a thin layer of lacquer. In the first place, this serves to protect the wood, preserving its aesthetic integrity. Even in the gorgeous black of the Eclipse series guitars, this colouring is actually part of the coating process, as a thin layer of lacquer is placed on the base layer and allowed to sink into the grain of the wood. There is no heavy handed blocking of movement. This delicate coating layer helps control the effects of the soundboard, balancing the tone and maximising the sonic harmony of the guitar as whole, creating a more reliable and consistent tone. This much is in effect in abundance in the HiGloss series, where the gloss lacquer rounds off harmonic peaks to create an even sound.

Wide Variety of Tones

The Natural series and the Trembesi series are satin finished and as such they offer a livelier sound. The tonewood is relatively unrestrained and so this free movement leads to a more woody tone. This more natural sound is additionally to be found in the Naked Series where there is a two stage satin finish on the top, back and sides. Limited decoration on top of the tonewood on the Naked Series means that you can enjoy a stripped back rawness of sound.

Choosing a Shape of Faith Guitar

We offer a range guitars from Faith including a variety of shapes that have named after the planets. Saturn (dreadnought) offers a larger body and more traditional fingerstyle tone and feel. Neptune (baby-jumbo) is also a larger body model. Mercury (parlour) is a smaller physical build but with enough body dimension to still make itself heard. Then the Venus (concert) is ideal for onstage performances as it is big enough to project acoustically but slightly smaller so it's more comfortable to play regularly.

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