Carlsbro electronic drum kits have a rich heritage that goes back to 1959 when the company was founded by Stuart and Sheila Mercer in Nottingham. At that stage, Carlsbro were a guitar amplification company. In fact, they are among the oldest British guitar amp companies out there, along with names like Vox. Their quality was such that they even sold valve heads to Marshall before Marshall made their own! Today, they have built on their foundations so that they now also create excellent electronic drum kits. These showcase just that same attention to detail and care for quality that saw them make a name for themselves in the guitar amp world all those decades ago.

Carlsbro Electronic Drum Kits

Take a look through the collection of Carlsbro electronic drum kits and you will be able to see that they are all of them very competitively priced. This is especially the case with all the great deals we have available at Hogan Music. There are kits here that would be ideal for the beginner looking to learn without annoying the neighbours. There are then plenty of mid ranged kits which offer more pads and so would be just as useful for live or studio performance as well as practicing at home.

Versatile & Practical

There are many benefits of purchasing an electronic drum kit from Carlsbro. Unlike an acoustic kit, you will be able to play with headphones. All the kits here, no matter if they are the smaller or larger kits, are also very easy to transport in comparison to acoustic sets. They are surprisingly lightweight, and they don't take up too much space. This means that you can plug in and get lost in your playing on a kit which does not have to dominate your home.

Great Sound & Feel

The top of the range Carlsbro electronic drum kits even give you a built in 600 sound module, so you can really have fun with exploring the sonic capabilities. You can also tweak these sounds with EQ, reverb and other tuning adjustment settings. Plus, a lot of work has been put into the feel of all these drum kits. The top of the range Carlsbro electronic kits have heads that you can adjust with a drum key to achieve that realistic acoustic feel.

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