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CAD Audio have over 90 years in the audio industry to draw from in their pursuit of sonic excellence. Over these years, they have been leading innovators in the world of professional microphones. Whether you are a podcaster, musician, or work in sound engineering for events, a high quality microphone will be key to your creative projects. Browse through our vast CAD Audio collection and you will find some superb pieces of kit from CAD ranges such as Astatic, Equitek, GXL, CAD USB and CAD Live.


Astatic has been the reliable heartbeat right at the centre of so many sound engineering setups for years. CAD's Astatic range is so relied upon because of its high level of speech intelligibility across the board. Each of the microphones in the range offers a crisp, noise cancelling quality which isolates the sound projected into the microphone clearly. There are some great hand held as well as desktop push to talk microphones in the range.


The Equitek range has over the years become a by-word for sonic accuracy. CAD's Equitek condenser microphones are amongst CAD's very best studio mics. These microphones are able to capture those lighter than air highs, as well as the mid range frequencies and the warm, heavy lows. You can also pick up some exquisite multidirectional microphones in the Equitek range that will be able to capture a vivid sense of the ambience in the room around your instruments.


CAD Audio's GXL microphones will offer you everything you need to mic up your studio. Their condenser microphones come in small and large sizes, and you can buy the different sizes together in one handy studio pack. The smaller GXL microphones are ideal for capturing the intricacies, textures and warmth of acoustic instrumentation.

CAD Live

The CAD Live range brings you top quality microphones for vocals and instruments. You will be able to mic everything up, from the kick drum to the backing vocals, so that the sound on stage is captured beautifully. Their dynamic microphones are tailored for modern sounds, with CAD Audio always keeping up with what the live musician or performer needs in the present day.


From the stage to the home studio, CAD Audio have got you covered. If you are looking for a versatile and inexpensive microphone that will give you distortion free sound then the CAD USB microphone range will be heaven sent. These affordable mics plug straight into your computer, so that you can record at home with ease, whether you podcasting, singing, or even recording instruments to edit and arrange within your production software setup.

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