The key to Blackstar is that it all started with a close friendship and a passion and knowledge for music and for guitar playing. Four band mates in 2004 thought that it was time that the game needed revolutionising. They wanted to do new things with amps and guitar pedals; they wanted to create products which could enable a more exciting level of self-expression on the electric guitar. With such high aims, it is no surprise that they then went into the designing and development stage for a number of years.

Impressive Results

We are all very thankful that they did follow through with their ambitions, as the results are outstanding. They emerged with some game changing products - and it is no surprise that high level pro guitarists have been attracted to Blackstar amps. That guitarists playing with Ozzy Ozborne, Manic Street Preachers and Journey have all been wowed by these pieces of kit shows not only their quality but their versatility.

Blackstar - Made by Real Musicians

As they have expanded, they have stayed true to what led them to found their company in the first place. Arguably, the key to all of this is that each member who was a part of setting Blackstar up was also a musician who had had personal experience of playing live. From the practice room to the stage, real musicians know what it is that you need from an amp, and this is what you will get with one made by Blackstar.

Offering Power, Versatility & Depth

One of the great things about Blackstar amps is that many of them offer you a great deal of control to shape your own sound. It this programability which means that they are highly versatile. They can also be very powerful when you need that from them. The sound is always of a rich quality, though, and you will enjoy the immersive nature of the experience which these amps will offer. We have some really affordable options here which would be great for beginners, whilst others would be fantastic choices for the seasoned musician.

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