Audio Technica

Audio Technica's founding aim in 1962 was to provide high quality audio on a wide scale, and this is a goal which still drives them today. Their passion for creating affordable audio equipment of an optimum standard is what makes them so well loved around the world. Our range of Audio Technica microphones and accessories carries on the spirit of these founding goals, as these studio and performance microphones capture sound crisply and clearly whilst they do not come with a monumental price tag. Explore pro audio equipment including the Audio Techhnica ATR Series, 20 Series and Midnight Blue Series.

Cardioid Microphones

Audio Technica cardioid microphones are ideal for performance, as they only capture what is directly in front of them, blocking out ambient sounds and suppressing feedback. Choose from stereo vocal microphones as well as cardioid microphones for both vocals and instruments. Their hypercardioid instrument microphones are the industry standard, giving you a fast response catered to pick up instruments with optimal sensitivity.

Multidirectional Microphones

Audio Technica also produce some world class multidirectional and omnidirectional microphones. These are perfect for multiple voices, as well as for capturing the feel of the room in your recording. Their omnidirectional microphones will be your key to being able to record clear and natural sounding audio at a wide range. You will, on the one hand, be able to record subtle nuances and, on the other, be able to capture loud and powerful sounds without the microphones distorting. You will also find dynamic omnidirectional microphones that are designed to be easily connected to a video camera, so that they would be great for audiovisual work such as documentary making.

Unidirectional Microphones

If you are looking to focus in on vocals or instruments with precision, then Audio Technica's unidirectional microphones will be perfect for you. Once again, they give you professional quality at an affordable price, so they are highly recommended for musicians in the early stage of their career looking to record with crisp quality without needing to spend an arm and a leg. Audio Technica's dynamic unidirectional microphones in this range are specially designed to work well with live or studio mixers, as well as professional sound systems, so they will be ideal for the stage as well as for recording scenarios.

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