Aria Guitars

Our collection of Aria guitars offers you a wide choice of affordable electric guitars that would be ideal for a musicians of all levels. Aria have been going since the 1950s, and over these decades they have built a reputation for representing all that is good about the Japanese guitar crafting business. We are pleased to have electric guitars and bass guitars here from Aria's range, with each guitar offering spectacular finish paired with reliable playability and a richness of tone.

Aria Electric Guitars

You will be sure to find many Aria electric guitars here of a superb standard. The STG range for instance would be ideal for anyone looking for a guitar that does all the simple things well and is superb value for money. We also have a range of guitars from Aria's PE series. These come in truly beautiful finishes such as emerald blue and brown sunburst. But it is by no means just about how they look, as these electric guitars additionally offer a warm and clear tone as well as premium level playability.

Aria Electric Bass Guitars

There are some stunning bass guitars here in the Aria range in their IGB and STB series. The STB series offers electric jazz style solid body basses that are of a classic construction and design. The IGB series electric basses have a longer neck and so an increased amount of frets. Both of these ranges give you an attractive style as well as a smooth performance. Choose from such classic finishes as sunburst, black or white for your STB. The IGB series electric bass guitars meanwhile offer striking finishes such as metallic blue and metallic red.

Affordable Quality Guitars

You will see from the prices that these electric guitars and electric bass guitars are brilliant value for money. Their affordability means that the price tag won't get in between you and an excellent guitar, whether for jam sessions at home or for live performances. This is what makes Aria so special, and their project to create high quality guitars of stunning appearance for the masses is certainly one that we all can get behind!

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