Admira Guitars

Admira Guitars are world leaders when it come to Spanish guitars. Everything about them is rooted in Spanish culture, and each one of their guitars is still made in Spain, with their workshops based in Zarautz, northern Spain. Their status today as one of the most popular and admired names stems for their authenticity and genuine care. These core values have seen them thrive for almost 80 years now. From their beginnings in 1944 they have been committed to the high standards of artisanal integrity.

Admira Classical Guitars

One of the keys to the success of Admira through the years is that they have always retained a highly skilled team of craftspeople. It may be the case that for many areas of life automation has begun to reign supreme. But automated production does not lend itself to the delicate craft of creating classical and flamenco guitars. And so it is essential that Admira have stuck to their roots, with the vast majority of their classical guitars, as well as their flamenco guitars, being crafted by hand. The classical guitars that we have from Admira come in a range of sizes, all the way from 1/2 size, through 3/4 and into 4/4 size.

Admira Flamenco Guitars

With Admira being so connected to Spanish culture and music heritage, it should be of no surprise that their range of flamenco guitars is so stellar. They combine traditional techniques with cutting edge craft in order to produce flamenco guitars with an unbeatably lively sound. This is paired with a highly traditional look and a solid construction making for high level performance and sweet, bright sounds each and every time you pick it up. They opt for a traditional spruce top, with the backs and sides being made from maple or cypress depending on the model.

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