Boss RT-20 Rotary Speaker Emulation Pedal

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The Boss RT-20 Rotary Sound Processor is a twin stomp-box pedal which uses the breakthrough COSM (Composite Object Sound Modelling) technology by Boss. It's function is to create authentic vintage rotary speaker sounds and add additional overdrive into the mix. The RT-20 is based on classic Rotary speakers from the '50s and '60s and each sound can be adjusted easily using the 'Rise Time', 'Horn' and 'Bass Speed' controls.

The RT-20 has 4 main sound types and an adjustable mix between treble and bass rotor. An in-built digital display provides a visual reference of the virtual rotors. The RT-20 is just as effective with either guitar or keyboards/electric pianos.


Authentic rotary speaker sounds by COSM technology

Slow/Fast transition time is adjustable from gradual to rapid change; optional Expression pedal can control speed in real time

Onboard Overdrive effects

Adjustable mix balance between Treble Rotor and Bass Rotor

4 types of sounds, from standard rotary speaker effects to rock-oriented tones, UNI-V, and more

Guitar/Keyboard switch

Dazzling virtual-rotor display