Admira Malaga Classical Guitar

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The Admira Malaga is a Spanish-built classical guitar that allows players to improve their technique on an exquisitely crafted instrument.

The Admira Malaga body fits perfectly against the body, with its lightweight, slender shape perfectly accommodating those with a shorter reach. In order to generate a robust yet subtle timbre, the body has been made using a delightful combination of sapele for the back and sides paired with a solid cedar top. The sapele ensures a solid mid to low-mid character. The solid cedar top cuts through with a delightful clarity, preventing the timbre ever becoming muddied so that articulation is present throughout each and every note.

The neck is similar to that of Admira's very popular Almeria classical guitar, but has a much slimmer neck - perfect for little fingers. Samanguila has been used for the neck, as it is a sturdy yet supple tonewood that is comfortable to navigate. Married to the neck is a mongoy fingerboard, which is a resilient wood that has excellent strength and durability. Playing along this neck and fingerboard combination is a joy, and is the perfect platform to improve dexterity and navigation.

The head is home to nickel tuning machines that maintain tuning integrity with a firm hold, allowing you to play confidently with reassurance in the Malaga's ability to remain in-tune. The mongoy bridge creates a seamless connection between the strings and the body, creating the optimum environment for impeccable sustain.

If you’re a guitarist with a short reach, small hands or just prefer a guitar that responds to a lighter touch, then the Admira Malaga classical guitar will accommodate you perfectly to enable your playing to flourish.